At Active Kids Nursery Hove we provide an ‘open plan’ workshop environment

Here at Active Kids Nursery Hove we love having the home from home feel…

…and provide an open plan nursery that all our children can explore and be a part of. As a parent myself I have experienced different settings and can only highlight the benefits of having a mixed age range nursery experience. I have found it has built confidence, independence and language skills in my own child by allowing her the freedom to mix with both older and younger age ranges.


Our staff’s priority is to provide a friendly atmosphere for both children and parents.

Play Areas

We ensure that play areas are setup each day to reinforce different areas of the EYFS and promote your child’s development.


All our staff are fully qualified and trained in every aspect of the EYFS.


We draw from a variety of educational teaching styles including The Montessori Approach, The Waldorf Approach and The Reggio Emilia Approach.


When planning our ratios we always ensure that experienced staff members accompany junior ones.


If Children under the age of 6 years are gently encouraged to learn through interesting games, they pick up skills that will help them maintain an edge through their lives.

Our setting

The nursery provides on an open plan workshop environment where we take the children’s learning and offer maximum choices for development with high quality open ended resources. Siblings are given time to play as individuals and together developing a family ethos and allowing children within the setting to learn from one another and enhance development. Children are free in the setting to explore without room restrictions, giving them a safe and stimulating environment to teach and learn. –  Renata: Manager/ Founder of Active Kids Nursery

In saying this we are also very aware that children of differing age ranges have their own style of learning and we support them with dedicated key workers who adapt to the child’s age and abilities. Therefore we provide children with a range of experiences in their age groups to actively develop their learning and have dedicated areas where this can take place. Meaning we are a versatile nursery that can meet the varying needs of all the children in our care.

Ofsted Graded GOOD