At Active Kids Nursery Hove we have created a smaller space for two year olds, a cosy area for them to relax and play with toys appropriate for their age.

Children are able to explore the environment in their own time…

…and supported by the staff if they need help finding things or getting used to where they favourite toys are. At Active Kids Nursery Hove we also use Makaton and visual prompts to communicate with children. We use our own visual time table to help children to understand the routine and the day’s plans are explained to the children at circle time. In the main room we have created a smaller space for two year olds, a cosy area for them to relax and play with toys appropriate for their age.


Our staff’s priority is to provide a friendly atmosphere for both children and parents.

Play Areas

We ensure that play areas are setup each day to reinforce different areas of the EYFS and promote your child’s development.


All our staff are fully qualified and trained in every aspect of the EYFS.


We draw from a variety of educational teaching styles including The Montessori Approach, The Waldorf Approach and The Reggio Emilia Approach.


When planning our ratios we always ensure that experienced staff members accompany junior ones.


If Children under the age of 6 years are gently encouraged to learn through interesting games, they pick up skills that will help them maintain an edge through their lives.

Classroom Facilities

At Active Kids Nursery some activities are planned for them to do in smaller groups, no more than 4 children so they become familiar with focused activities. Staff will sit with them and help them if they require it. Smaller groups of children with similar age and abilities help children to be more focused, confident and therefore enjoy each activity fully. We always work with our golden rules to encourage children with positive behaviour, thus playing cooperatively with other children.

Making Their Own Choices…

Activities we have planned for the week are normally the same; it is just up to the child how they wish to do it.  For example: If we are colouring a shape for shape week, the older children have a choice to cut it out, which if two year olds feel comfortable doing, may also join in as there are ‘easy’ scissors for them to use and feel part of a group.

baby playing

Making It Easier…

Children who are potty/toilet training are asked by members of staff in regular intervals during sessions. We take children to the toilet and help them with clothes if they need any help. We report to parents how their child’s been with their potty/toilet training each session and we ask them how they doing at home or if they have any tips for us to try in the setting.

You will also find a space for yourself to let us know about anything new that your child may accomplished while with you or any activities you have been up to with your child during the weekend.

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Nap Time…

Children are able to lie down if they need to during the session. Cosy/reading area with soft cushions is available at all times. However if child needs to lie down and go to sleep at a specific time, there is a separate area in baby unit available usually after lunch. We find out about each child’s sleeping routine during their settling in session and parents will let us know if their child needs extra rest time during the drop off time.

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