Your child’s first day at Active Kids Nursery is an important milestone for both you and your toddler.

Although exciting, it is also somewhat the ‘end of an era’, you have been by your child’s side since day one and now you are about to leave your baby in a room of virtual strangers.

Feelings of anxiety and sadness are completely understandable and expected, but here are some tips to prepare both you and your child to ensure a comfortable transition into our Hove nursery.

Talk to your child about what nursery will be like.

Your child is bound to be wondering what nursery will be like and what activities they will take part in during the day. Try to reassure them as much as possible. Talk to your child about the friends he/she will meet and emphasise the fun they are about to embark on here it Active Kids Nursery Hove. This will be a happy time in your child’s life.

Take your child along for a visit

It will be helpful and reassuring for both of you to pay a visit to the nursery before his/her first day. You will both be able to familiarise yourselves with the staff and possibly meet potential classmates. If you feel like your child will particularly struggle with the change, why not arrange a few visits with our nursery.

The first goodbye

The name of the game is to get out as soon as possible. Although you may feel like you are abandoning them, don’t. As an infant, your child will feed off of your own emotions. Holding on to your child, spending ages cuddling him/her, telling them how much you love and miss them is not a good idea. The initial goodbye will be hard for both of you, but your child needs to realise that Active Kids Nursery is a positive place and you crying at the doors will be hard and confusing for them.


What if you child cries when you leave?

If your child cries inconsolably when you leave, don’t worry. The worst thing you can do is cry with them (wait until you get back to the car!) As adults, we still get nervous and shy around new people so there is no exception for your child. Your child will not be in tears because they don’t like the nursery, but because you are leaving them. This is completely normal and something you both need to get used to.

What if your child DOESN’T cry when you leave?

All the other children at the nursery are crying and begging their parents not to leave, but yours does not seem too worried and is in fact happy to be left. Don’t panic! This DOES NOT mean your child doesn’t love you, in fact this is a great sign, your child has amazing confidence, be proud of them.


Just remember, one of the most important things for parents to understand is that all children are unique and gifted in different ways, and will excel in different areas.

If your child has special needs or is delayed in certain areas, don’t worry! There is no pass/fail for Active Kids Nursery Hove; our teaching staff are prepared to meet each child’s individual needs.

So don’t worry & don’t panic, just enjoy this special time in your child’s life.