At Active Kids Nursery Hove, our focus is to provide kids with an active and healthy environment where their interests can be stimulated and where they can learn and grow as they confidently explore the world around them.

Our facility in Hangleton, Hove is designed for kids of preschool, toddler and infant age groups. Brighton and Hove offers a lot of attractions to parents and kids alike and if you are considering moving over, you are making the right decision. Here are some of the landmarks that make Brighton and Hove such an exciting place.

Brighton Palace Pier

Commonly referred to as the pier or the palace pier, Brighton Palace Pier is a famous 1700 plus feet long Victorian pier located in the city center of Brighton and Hove’s coastline. Even though it was the third pier to be constructed in the city, it is the only one currently operating. There are lots of interesting areas in Brighton Palace Pier including Palace play, a multi-purpose play area for kids of all ages.

Royal Pavilion

Brighton’s Royal Pavilion is a former royal residence and current grade 1 listed area located in the city. The Royal Pavilion holds a lot of colourful history as it was actually built as a seaside pleasure palace for King George IV. The visual style of the palace is a perfect blend of Indian and Chinese architecture.

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

Located in the Royal Pavilion Garden, Brighton Museum of Art Gallery is a public owned museum that is the center of the city’s cultural heritage. The museum hosts a distinct collection of works that reflect the art and history of the city. It is free for residents but visitors have to pay a token entrance fee.

The Lanes

In Brighton, there is a collection of narrows lanes aptly called The Lanes. This part of the city is famous for its quaint shops, smart restaurants and funky cafes. In the midst of the twisting alleyways and tiny streets, you will find an extraordinary combination of antique shops and modern stalls. If you are looking for a bit of creative shopping, you will find it in The Lanes.

Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina is an artificial marina in Brighton; it is also the largest marina in all of the UK. With its picturesque waterfront, cinema, 26 lane bowling alley, golf club and casino, Brighton Marina offers something for everyone. With the 24 hours bus services and free car parking for over one thousand vehicles, nothing stops you from spending an evening or weekend in this famous Brighton landmark.

Old Stein

The Old Stein started life as an open green with a tidy stream but has evolved to become an important thoroughfare in central Brighton. It is also the southern terminus for the A23. Old Stein is located immediately to the south of the Royal Pavilion and serves as the site for city center bus stops.

Brighton Toy and Model Museum

More commonly known as the Brighton Toy Museum, this is a privately owned toy museum located in the city of Brighton that houses one of the finest collections of toys and models produced in Europe. Located under Brighton Station, Brighton Toy Museum has on display over 10000 exhibits including a collection of model trains from the 1860s to date.

Booth Museum of Natural History

Booth Museum of Natural History is the city of Brighton and Hove started life as the private collection of Victorian collector Edward Booth. It is currently managed by the city and focuses on Victorian taxidermy. This means that when you visit the museum, you will find a variety of birds, butterflies, bones and even fossils from the Victorian era. The museum is part of Brighton and Hove’s Royal Pavilion and Museum and is free for everyone to enter.

Old Police Cells Museum

The Old Police Cells Museum provides a fascinating glimpse into the history of policing in the Sussex region from 1830 to present day. Housed in the basement of Brighton Town Hall, this museum is where the first Brighton Chief Constable, Solomon Henry was murdered in 1844 by a prisoner. The museum houses the largest unique collection of historical items including tipstaves and trunchions in the country.

Preston Manor

Preston Manor, formerly manor house of ancient Preston is a charming historical house built along the Edwardian architecture. Preston Manor is a grade 2 listed building because of its historical and architectural significance. It boasts a suite of elegant reception rooms and fully functional servant quarters. Preston Manor also holds the distinction of being one of the most haunted houses in Britain.

British Airways i360

British Airways i360 is a 531 feet observation tower located on the seafront in Brighton. The tower was officially opened on the 4th of August 2016 and has since played host to thousands of visitors who are willing to brave the 450 feet height for a 360 degree panoramic view of Brighton, The South Downs and the English Channel. On clear days, you can even see the Isle of Wight way off in the east.

Sea Life Brighton

Built in 1872, Sea Life Brighton is the oldest operating aquarium in the world. This original Victorian architectural wonder holds more than 3000 exotic marine life including sea turtles and sharks. If you are lucky to visit during feeding day, you can try your hand at feeding one or two of the resident animals or you can simply spend time watching the fascinating creatures in this 750,000 liter aquarium.

West Pier

Opened in 1866, the West Pier in Brighton is the first pier to be listed Grade 1 in Britain. Constructed to attract tourism to Brighton, West Pier was demolished in 2010 as a result of structural problems. However, for more than a century, West Pier was Britain’s most iconic pier and even today; it is still the most photographed structure in the world.

Devil’s Dyke

Devil’s Dyke is a historical site in Brighton and Hove that offers panoramic views, an awe inspiring valley, interesting history and colourful habitat. Nearly a mile long, Devil’s Dyke is the longest, widest and deepest dry valley in all of UK. There are several stories about its origin, the most popular being that the devil dug the dyke to bury local churchgoers.

Volks Electric Railway

Volks Electric Railway is Britain’s oldest railway and was built in 1883. It runs along the top of the beach from Aquarium station for one mile and a quarter. The electric train is basically a tourist attraction and runs every 15 minutes except during the winter months.

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