Why Move to Hove?

Hove is one half of the world famous Brighton & Hove, a vibrant city in east Sussex that has earned a reputation for being one of the loveliest seaside cities in the whole of England. Renowned for its fabulous regency architecture, quaint shopping centers, interesting restaurants and vibrant beaches, it is no wonder that a poll by YouGov found that residents of this seaside city are extremely proud of where they live.

Once one of the most preferred seaside resorts of Georgian kings, it remains one of the best places to relax on the English coast. Everywhere you look, you will see evidence of its royal past. From the breathtaking national parks to the awe inspiring Royal Pavilion, this city remains one of the most accomplished architectural marvels of modern England.

There are lots of reasons why a move to Hove is such an attractive proposition, from its myriad of art galleries to the hundreds of tech businesses, relaxation centers and fancy seaside pubs. Hove is also known for its focus on education as reflected by the many high quality educational facilities.

Hove’s most striking characteristics are its residents. Hoveians are fun, friendly and hospitable. They are always ready to lend a helping hand and will do everything to make your settling in as smooth and as seamless as possible. Even if you are simply coming over for a visit, your experience in Hove will surely make you come again. The best part is that Hove is just a short hop away from London, so you will not miss your friends too much, even as you make new ones in no time.

And if all this is not enough to warrant a move to Hove, imagine the peace and quiet you will enjoy after the hustle and bustle of a big city like London. Without any doubt, there are very few coastal cities in England as beautiful as Hove.

History of Hove

In the 5th century, the Saxons landed in Sussex and founded the kingdom of Sussex and what is currently known as Brighton & Hove. From this humble beginning, it became a vibrant market in 1313 famous for its daily fish market on the seaside and its weekly pig and corn market. Even back then, Hove was a famous tourist center attracting people from far and wide to its annual fair. In 1750, a physician, Doctor Richard Russell introduced the sea water as an all purpose cure and this helped to further open Brighton & Hove, then known as Brighthelmstone to further influx of people, resulting in a population of about 2000 souls, a number which further increased to 4000 in 1783 when the Prince of Wales paid a visit.

However, it was King George IV who made the city the attraction it is today by building the Royal Pavilion in 1787, although the current edifice is very unlike the original, being built along the classical line and architecture of that era.

Brighton & Hove has had a very active and colourful history since the early days of the 5th century. First, it was burnt to the ground by French raiders during the reign of King Henry VIII. This life changing event led to the creation of the first ever Hove Map during the rebuilding of the town. The original map can be found at the British Museum.

During the Second World War, the Brighton Pavilion was used as a hospital for Indian soldiers while at the same time, a target of German air raids. Despite all this experience, Brighton & Hove has managed to grow and become one of the most envied and respected coastal towns in all of England. With a current population of about 200 thousand, it is obvious that Brighton & Hove has come a long way from the few Saxons that settled the town in 500 AD.


Very few places in England can compete with Hove when it comes to the quality and variety of their food and drinks. Often considered the more grown up half of this seaside resort town, Hove is practically choked up with restaurants, bars, ice cream parlours, cocktail lounges and cafes. Whilst Brighton is known for its alternative culture and night’s out, Hove is famous for its wide range of culinary delights, wine bars and cultural hot spots; Hove is where Brightonians go to grow up, and more often, have kids.

It doesn’t matter if you are a gourmet or if you are more comfortable with traditional cooking, Hove has every kind of food to suit your culinary expectation.

Hove also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to catering to the health conscious, vegetarians and vegans. There are a wide range of restaurants and shops offering organic and diet specific food to the health conscious and vegetarian customers. You may want to check out Terre a Terre and Food for Friends, two award winning restaurants that everyone would love.


Shopping in Hove is always an exciting experience; you will be tempted to think you are on one of the more famous London promenades. From the trendy shops on North Laine to the small quaint shops around the town, you will agree that shopping in Hove is in a class of its own.

Hove is also home to a variety of trade fairs and esoteric markets where you can buy retro fashion, gems and keepsakes. Don’t forget its locally produced arts and craft as well as its distinct local wears.

Hoveians are well known for their high level of creativity which is shown in their customized art and interesting gift items.


If you are looking for adventure, there is no better place to find it than in Hove. Don’t let the quite fool you, this seaside town have a lot to offer for fun and adventure.

The Brighton & Hove museum has a great collection of items that is worth a look and South Downs National Park will provide the relaxation and fun for your kids after a week of education activities.

The Theatre Royal in Brighton & Hove is a hotspot of interesting plays, production and shows and there is always something new in town every season. Just across from the theatre is the much acclaimed Royal Pavilion. Here, you can see pictures of when this edifice was used as a hospital for Indian soldiers during the Second World War. In the Pavilion Gardens, you will find the Indian Gate, a gift from India as a Thank You to Brighton & Hove for taking care of their soldiers.

As you can see, Hove possesses everything that makes it a town to visit or move to. And what’s more, as a family, you will make new friends; find the right schools for your kids and start your journey into a new and exciting future.

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