Active Kids Nursery is a unique child care establishment situated in Hove, Brighton. We cater to children age 6 months to 5 years in a safe, healthy and an environment ideal for learning.

With a thorough understanding of the importance of the early years of a child’s education, we have developed an approach to enable your little one grow into wonderful people. At Active Kids Nursery we aim to promote an active and healthy lifestyle providing children with home cooked healthy meals, including breakfast, lunch and tea, with healthy snacks, alongside fresh drinking water and milk.

Our Children

We understand every parent’s desire for their child’s care to contribute to their mental development, foster their creativity and encourage independence. Working off this assertion, we group our kids into three classes; the baby class is for babies from 6 months to 12 months, the toddler class for kids age 1 to 3, and our nursery class for kids age 3 to 5.

Baby Class

Our baby bunnies are taken care of like the delicate little flowers they are; they are fed and taken care of in a cosy space of their own where they may take as many undisturbed naps as they want. Their environment was designed to encourage their interests and boost their curiosity. Your babies are in the care of professional people who are licenced to provide your baby with all he/she requires in your absence. We maintain a good baby to staff ratio because we are aware of the attachments formed by kids to caregivers and how this gives them a sense of security.

The required forms at the point of enrolment have boxes to be filled with information about your child’s activities, such as what he/she enjoys doing and other special interests they may have. This is to help us come up with a routine which closely mimics their activities at home while introducing an extra layer of challenge. We involve parents by keeping them updated on our activities and sending out a schedule of planned activities for the following week as well as surveys and notes.

Toddler Class

This class is formed of mostly two year olds. The children are encouraged to explore their environment and learn through play while under the supervision of caregivers. We have planned activities for the kids to do in small groups. Research has shown group activities help children learn to focus, boost their confidence and ultimately help them enjoy working as a team.

For children who are being potty trained, members of staff are on hand to always ask them and take them to the toilet when the need arises and help them with their clothes if they require assistance. Because we know how beneficial naps are to growing minds, we provide a separate area for naps and a cosy reading area with fluffy cushions.

Nursery Class

We provide pre-schoolers with access to all areas of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum while at the same ensuring they have fun. They are furthermore encouraged to learn while playing, we have fun educational games and art to help them learn to better express themselves.

Our interactions with you and your child allows us plan activities that do not deviate entirely from what your child is familiar with, and we use whatever special interest your child has to further expand his/her knowledge while enjoying learning. Our goal is to help your child develop good communication and language skills, gain independence and develop their confidence and self-esteem. We aim to prepare your children for the next stage of their education.

Our Teachers

At Active Kids Nursery, our teachers are not ordinary members of staff, they are highly trained individuals entrusted with the development and care of your children. We know it takes more than a degree to make a good teacher, because of this we have employed people who are passionate about imparting knowledge, making a difference in the life of a child and enthusiastic about teaching children.

Our teachers are patient with the kids and understand the need to allow each child learn at his/her own pace. Working with little children all day requires significant amount of patience as well as creativity to plan activities which will keep them engaged. Another quality our teachers possess is respect for our kids and their respective backgrounds, we aware of the different personalities as well as the varying learning capabilities of each child and because of this; we encourage each child to learn in a style he/she is comfortable with.

The willingness to adapt the study plan to the individual needs of the child is of utmost importance to our teachers, they are ready to make whatever changes is required to enable your child learn. A good pre-school teacher knows the importance of creativity in teaching, at Active Kids Nursery our teachers employ their own creativity to keep the kids interested.

Our Facilities

We are located at 8 West Way, Hove in a serene neighbourhood, which is equally safe and secure. We provide a home away from home feel with our open plan setting designed to rouse the interests of the children. Toys are provided for the kids as well as fun books, art supplies and an outdoor playing ground. Yoga, sports and Spanish are all part of our extensive curriculum.

At Active Kids Nursery we adhere strictly to the EYFS which is the set of standards prescribed by the government as a framework for caring and teaching children from birth to age five. This guide allows us support your child’s individual growth. Our nursery is additionally Ofsted graded good, this means the development and care of your child is of utmost importance to us. If you are looking for a nursery where your child will be looked after just as well as if you were there, why not come around and have a tour of our facilities or talk to any of our teachers who are always willing to answer any questions you might have.

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