Active Kids Nursery, located in the Hangleton district of Hove, is easily accessible and is the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a top-notch nursery for your child. We provide care for children from 6 months old to 5 years old and our services are available on weekdays, all year round except on bank holidays. We have a structured day-care for babies, toddlers and preschool children; all curriculum based.

We have different special programs form babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. We have a really comfortable and warm space for the babies with a separate room they can sleep in. the toddlers also have a great space and get to explore their surroundings with support from the staff; answering questions they have, finding things and so on. For the pre-schoolers, we provide and relaxing and enriching environment in which they can learn and be prepared for school.

Is your child getting the best available care?

Growing children need a lot of structured attention, which is what we try to focus on at Active Kids Nursery, Hove. When children first start attending our Nursery, we help the m settle in and we identify their individual needs, because every child needs as much personalized care as they need group activities. The toddlers and pre-schoolers also get to be part of games and activities that involve being in a team and communication.

Our staff are dedicated to child care and have all been fully trained in EYFS.

We understand that play for kids under age six helps them learn and develop transferable skills that would be very useful years ahead. We have a structure in place in which we have combined the national EYFS curriculum with great teaching methods of Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia; encouraging artistic abilities in the children and encouraging social interactions built on respecting the cultural differences around them.

What makes Active Kids Nursery stand out?

We have the ideal home-like environment in Hove to make the kids feel comfortable, safe and secure enough to enjoy the learning process.

All round care

We take into consideration the physical, emotional and mental growth of the children in our care in Hove, which is why we have staff that are experienced in child care and can respond to the needs of the children in our care. We always focus on encouraging and guiding the kids. We engage them in several interactive activities such as ballet, yoga, team sports and so on, to increase their learning experience.

Active Kids Nursery Hove, is exactly as the name suggests; we aim to promote active and healthy lifestyles for the kids in our care. We promote a healthy lifestyle for the kids by providing home cooked healthy meals; breakfast, lunch and tea, healthy snacks in between, water and milk.

Building active minds

We teach the children at Active Kids Nursery, Hove basic literacy and numeracy, following the EYFS curriculum provided topics to prepare them for their transition formal education. We take advantage of the fact that peak concentration periods are statistically late morning, by setting up certain classes around that time.

Music classes

Music is wonderful for little children, helping to develop their brains at a much faster rate. This is why we have music teachers who are experienced with working with children, even with the varied ages.

Language classes

Just as music, alternate languages are pretty good for stimulating the brains of children. The kids that attend Active Kids Nursery, Hove get to learn alternative words in languages such as Spanish, with excellent teachers to guide them through.

As a matter of fact, Hove and nearby Brighton constantly have visitors and commuters-a lot of them from several cultural backgrounds-, who spend time here; weeks or months, even years. This means that the children at our nursery are diversified in culture and even languages, further driving the need to learn to appreciate diversity in many ways. Learning alternative languages is one of such ways.

Physical activities

We have a variety of indoor and outdoor physical activities provided for children to be a part of and enjoy. Our sports coaches are well trained and well equipped to work with children of all ages; encouraging them and exploring the benefits of group sports and individual sports as well. We encourage each child to participate in at least two physical activities.

Learning outside the classroom

Exploring the outdoors is a great way for a child to learn about the environment, learn to takes risks and build confidence. At Active Kids Nursery, Hove, we have outdoor spaces enough for the kids to explore in and learn while having fun, guided by our staff.

We also take trips into the local community in Hove; the dentist, local shops and other facilities to expand the learning environment for the children, allowing them to have fun and express themselves in multiple ways, with help from supportive and caring staff.

Who can benefit from our services?

If you have a child between ages 6months to 5years old, and you live in Hove or near Hove, then you can certainly benefit from our services. Whether you live here or just you’re around here for a couple of weeks or months, your child can benefit a whole lot from us. We do our best to cater to each child individually, regardless of how short the time they have to spend with us is.

We also have kids with us from diverse settings; cultural or otherwise. You can contact us to learn of our short term and long-term programmes.

Why Active Kids Nursery, Hove?

By enrolling your child in Active Kids Nursery, Hove, your child would be getting the following:

  • Maximum and efficient care.
  • A secure and safe learning environment.
  • Very good and dedicated staff.
  • A chance to meet and learn from other great kids.
  • An excellent start towards formal school.
  • Balanced care; physical, emotional and mental.

Feel free to contact us about your child’s needs or with any questions or concerns you might have.

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