We provide the stepping stones to ensure your child’s milestones…

Active Kids Nursery is an outstanding preschool nursery situated in the beautiful, historic town of Hove. Located in an easily accessible, emerging part of town, we deliver exceptional, curriculum led day-care for babies, toddlers and preschool age children.

A Child Can Make History With The Best Possible Beginnings

Located within the West End of Hove, Active Kids Nursery staff are fully trained in EYFS. This, coupled with specialist introductions to enrichment activities such as Yoga, Spanish, Ballet and team sports, both open plan and outdoor play areas, highly trained staff and an exciting meal provision, we know that your child’s first milestones will set the precedent for the years to come.

Active Kids Nursery builds upon a friendly, open plan, home from home environment that will ensure your children feel nurtured, safe and secure enough to let the learning begin.

Here at Active Kids Nursery in Hove, we offer our preschool children and toddlers a range of team based, communication – orientated sports sessions, including but by no means exhaustive; obstacle courses, hide and seek, football, basketball and athletics.
Our specialist sports coach has built a strong relationship with our regularly attending children. This rapport is based on encouragement, high amounts of praise and fun, supporting all of our young children, big and small, in classes held throughout the week. Each toddler or preschool age child will be encouraged to take part in at least two physical activities each week outside in the fresh, coastal air – the glorious Hove weather permitting!

The sessions are fantastic for building motor skills, reaching physical developmental milestones, improving co-ordination, spacial awareness, and mentally challenging the minds of our young children to work as part of team, learning camaraderie and the chance to learn the rules of various games.

Active Kids Nursery know the benefits that physical exercise have, both in terms of your child’s health, and the bright eyed, red faced enthusiasm of high energy play. It is important to create a non pressured, open and fun attitude towards sport and active play to ensure an enthusiastic approach to physical activity in later years.

As much as the introduction of music at a very young age is heralded as a benefit to your child’s brain development, so too is the introduction of a second language. Just as language and syntax is still being pieced together, it is quite possible for a pre school child to learn basic alternative words for objects, colours, animals and numbers in a second language. The communicative aspects of learning Spanish with our teacher, Anaid, a native Spanish speaker from Barcelona, creates much excitement at Active Kids Nursery.

The diversity of Hove and nearby Brighton is world famous, with many travellers, workers, students and commuters with non native tongues spending months and sometimes even years in our beautifully divergent town. Here in Hove, Active Kids Nursery wishes to provide an environment that considers and reflects the best qualities of the local community, whilst the Spanish language is broken down into fun, exciting sounds to learn with a teacher who harnesses this passion for learning. In addition to being an enriching new skill, the learning of a foreign language at this stage is an excellent way to solidify the childrens’ first language, through the introduction of alternative Spanish words for English words perhaps only recently learned.

The physical developmental milestones in coordination, gross motor skills and spacial awareness are hugely reinforced by the elementary Yoga and Ballet sessions offered at Active Kids Nursery, with further specialist tutors attending each week to enrich the EYFS curriculum. The sessions are incorporated in our timetable at appropriate moments, and they provide the key to developing a better sense of balance, in both mind and body. Yoga is a healthy way to build strength, self discipline and mindfulness, and in Hove there are many adult classes available for parents.

Active Kids Nursery Aims to Give Your Children the Best Start


Promoting health and a sense of well-being and kindness to others that encompasses all that we do. The provision of Yoga is a perfect mirroring of our ethos, creating a relaxing, calming atmosphere for our young toddlers and pre school children that offers a distinct contrast to the high energy, group led play at other points in the day, completing our fully reflective miniature environment.

The teaching of basic literacy and numeracy through creativity enables the development of each individual child. The topics covered follow the EYFS guidelines adhered to for the successful preparation and transition to the beginning of formal education and reception class at school. Active Kids Nursery in Hove bases its curriculum on the expert methodology of Montessori. The optimum concentration and learning periods are said to be around the hours of 10 and 11am, and Active Kids Nursery focuses upon the chosen curriculum topic at this time each day.

In mixed age learning groups, the children at Active Kids Nursery learn to be self sufficient, gaining the ability to work and play independently with support from their peers. The Waldorf teaching method is combined to encourage the artistic abilities of each child. Extra impetus is placed upon the ethical and moral growth of preschool students. The Reggio Emilia Approach was written to help very young children grow to accept the cultures and practices of different people, the pinnacle of its learning aim is to have respect for self, others and one’s local community.

Active Kids Nursery Hove Music Lessons

Music lessons are commonly offered to a child the best start in life, and this just one of many subjects that Active Kids Nursery in Hove discusses on their regular blog available for both the parents and the public to peruse at their leisure. The blog discusses that the advantages of group and individual music lessons are, to summarise, that music classes or instrumental lessons are advantageous in developmental learning, as musical learning creates far more neural pathways in the growing brain.

Scientists know that the young brain develops the ability to learn more complex tasks at a more advanced rate when exposed to learning an instrument as opposed to those who do not, and this is not confined to the realms of musical ability. Commonly published tests have seen very young children scoring higher in mathematical, literacy and linguistic ability due to the early introduction to musical learning. Within group singing, ukulele or recorder lessons, the benefits are still great, and the unity of children singing together is an emotive experience to participate in, and, to watch as a proud parent, unmatched.

Group Of Elementary Age Schoolchildren In Music Class With Instruments

Children at Active Kids Nursery, Hove, are encouraged to express themselves to discover their own passions and strengths, and the beauty of group singing and drama activities are deeply moving to watch! Individual lessons are more intense and can arguably provide even more fundamental learning tools for the coming years.

This subject, amongst other useful posts, is discussed in further detail on our blog found on the Active Kids Nursery website. The website offers extra information for parents, including well rounded, common-sense advice in preparation to your child’s first day at Active Kids Nursery, alongside other posts about your child’s developmental milestones, the protocol followed at Active Kid’s Nursery – in particular – detailing our policies and most recent Ofsted report, with more interactive information concerning the day to day goings on.

Being such a child orientated town, Hove is bursting with parent and child groups, events and activities that can prevent new parents from feeling isolated or lonely, and the role of Active Kids Nursery aims to support your pre school children, infants and toddlers each and every day they spend with us.

We offer daily support to our parents – both in a practical sense – whilst building a sense of belonging and community, and we pride ourselves on a positively caring, helpful and open rapport between children, parents and our devoted staff.

Active Kids Nursery ‘Blog’, easily located in our new, updated, easily accessible website, also provides pastoral support with advice on more difficult, sometimes harmful behavioural aspects of child development such as bullying, tantrums and mental health, alongside our parents’ feedback, which is of course welcomed to ensure we listen your needs and views.


Stimulating Days Out with Active Kids Nursery

Active Kids Nursery, Hove, is pleased to own a fully insured mini bus to enable our young preschool children and toddlers the chance to attend fun and stimulating day trips out in the wider local community. Most recently the Active Kids Nursery’s children visited Henfield farm in local Woodmancote, where our young preschool girls and boys were able to see, pet and discover the beauty of alpaca llamas, donkeys, goats and geese, in a wholesome, rural environment.

The children learn the importance of decent nourishment, the dedication involved when growing organic vegetables, pulses and fruit to keep not only the menagerie well fed, but learning how this fresh produce keeps our families and ourselves healthy and well. The importance of providing a more stimulating environment within Hove’s wider area is paramount to your child’s development, with Active Kids Nursery proudly linking their childcare provision to local businesses in the Hove area in the years to come. The nursery always considers any day trip away from the purpose built site with stringent organisation and care, following EYFS guidelines and safety regulations.


The local area of Hove is renowned for its family orientated ethos, and this is demonstrated in the local parks, play areas and coffee shops. With day care provision such as Active Kids Nursery, EYFS in physical and personal development, and the introduction of literacy, numeracy and expressive arts and design, you can readily help your children discover the world around them and encourage a fundamental anchor to learning.

Hove provides the perfect location to raise a family, lending its proximity to activities in neighbouring Brighton, Hangleton, Shoreham and Portslade, whilst the South Downs and local train links make London under an hour away to further your family-based activities.

Overhead View Of Babies Having Fun At Nursery Playgroup

With so many activities happening daily at Active Kids Nursery, fuelled by a fantastic enrichment and meal programme, the care we provide for our youngest, our infants, must not be overlooked or forgotten. The number one choice in the Hove area for preschool care, babies at Active Kids Nursery have a devoted care plan tailored to each and every individual.

Babies at Active Kids Nursery Hove

Providing settling-in sessions for parent and baby, we encourage a home from home environment. We encourage parents to bring a blanket, photographs and perhaps a toy from home which are kept within our purpose built baby unit, full of sleeper shelves, room dividers and specific care plans each regularly assessed and kept updated by all of our staff. Continuity of care is of utmost importance, as is regular rest, play, milk, food and changing. Breast milk is kept carefully labelled to enable your baby to continue with for as long as you wish to gain the best possible nutrients.

A daily diary is crucial for both parents and staff to keep communication flowing and regular assessments are made to ensure the developmental stages of babies are noted and celebrated. Likewise, this through flow of exceptional communication is the key to spotting any causes for concern as early as we can.

Starting out means starting right, and Active Kids Nursery will steer their children on the right developmental journey. Being a part of the bustling and diverse surroundings of Hove, Active Kids Nursery provides meals with modern dietary preferences and colourful, clean foods from around the world. If you have any special dietary requirements for your child we can accommodate for them.

Active Kids Nursery is fast becoming the first choice for working parents in the Brighton and Hove area and increased interest continues to attract the families of commuters and local families alike. The nearby streets of Hove are brimming full of organic foods, convenience, creativity and the arts, whilst the coastal landscape shapes an idyllic environment to raise a family. Whether it is the South Downs or the tourist attractions in Brighton that are unmissable in the summer months, the local area is famously child friendly and vibrant. Active Kids Nursery in Hove brings this colourful, eminently British seaside melting pot to life, enabling your children’s’ imaginations to reach new heights, making every day a fun-sized reflection of their broader surroundings.

There are many nurseries and day care provisions in the West Sussex area, and we realise the increased desire to provide an individualist method to learning with emphasis on play, games and the building of a ‘home from home’, family atmosphere.
Active Kids Nursery know that play under the age of six is vital to learning new skills that will deliver the years to come. Curriculum follows the national EYFS, and draws upon the championed methods of Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia teaching theories.