Toddlers and pre-school children at Active Kids Nursery are amazed and enchanted by the magical ethereal quality of bubbles. Crossing age and language barriers, the sight of the bubbles themselves and the ability to focus on blowing and creating the bubbles is a great summertime outdoor activity. Although pre-made bubble pots are available in most children’s shops and supermarkets, if one finds the children at a loose end one afternoon, a simple bubbly soap solution and wire wands can be made from what you already have at home.

You will need:

Soap/washing up liquid – non alcohol based if possible, water, spoon, and a thickener such as sugar or glycerine.

  1. Stir the Mixture in a washing up bowl and take outside on to the garden.
  2. For the Bubble Wand: Coat hangers or coated garden wire that is flexible enough tuck away any sharp ends.
  3. The wands should be moulded in to any shape; heart, square, circular and then twisted in to a handle shape for you to hold.
  4. Dip the wands in to the bowl’s mixture and attempt to blow some bubbles. The solution may take some trial and error for successful bubble mania, but this is all part of the fun…



For the more competitive and ambitious pre-school child the prospect of creating the biggest bubble is an extremely engrossing activity and can extend the length of activity.