Rocks, shells and pebbles are fascinating for both young pre-school boys and girls, and can be great to collect for an afternoon out on the beach for later studying, collection and painting. A fantastic, fun activity on your doorstep, pick a few of the multitudinous array of pebbles, smooth, rough, coloured, large or small from Brighton’s Pebbled-Jewel Crown.

Possible uses: Door Stops, Ornaments, Paper weights, painted animals or faces, great exercise for colour recognition.

You will need:

  1. Stones, Pebbles, roundish grey or light brown and smooth are best for painting!
  2. Water-based paint: including poster paints, gouache, emulsion for stronger, more vivid colours
  3. Newspaper to let the stones dry on, paint brushes of different thicknesses.

Try to collect a few of your child’s favourite stones.

Ask your pre-child which are the largest, smallest, smoothest or shiniest, heaviest, favourite and why?

The larger stones can be used for painting or drawing on. Circular patterns and faces are obvious choices for a round, smooth-ish pebble surface, whilst try to experiment with different colours to reinforce your child’s colour knowledge.


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