Traditional Flower Pressing and Crayon Bark Rubbing

All you need:

  1. Chunky crayons and large sheets of paper – (even old newspaper will do):

Begin by putting the paper over any item that has a texture – leaves and bits of tree bark are perfect – and then rub reasonable even pressure over the paper and surface underneath with the crayon to produce a print. The rubbings can be use as part of larger nature collages, or cards and to make wrapping paper for presents.


  1. Collage Bucket:

Take your pre-school child out in to the garden to collect fallen flowers, leaves, bark and grasses to use to make a landscape on paper. Avoid picking flowers just about to become in bloom and explain the importance of letting things grow and the life cycle – picking things up that are already fallen to use once again.


  1. Flower Pressing:

To make more extravagant nature collage pieces, use a few garden flowers to press and immortalise. You will need a pad of clean paper and some heavy books. Lay the flowers carefully and surround each flower with paper sheets either side, followed by heavy books placed on top.


  1. Remember:

The longer you leave the flowers the better they will press and these may later be used as the beautiful focal point in a card for Mother’s day, or a pretty finishing touch to a bedroom name sign or nature collage… The possibilities are endless!


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