The Natural World, Art Activities and our Summer Active Kids

Our list below is a small but concise selection of ideas that can keep your pre-school children and toddlers busy this summer. This blog is a handy, go-to guide to pocket-friendly, nature and outdoor based activities. Whether you are a young family just starting out, a newly-commuting family, or Brighton-born and raised, here are the most environmentally aware and imaginative ideas for summer time – its focused suitability for pre-school age children – our Active Kid Nursery clientele, with perhaps the inclusion of their elder siblings and families.

With a famous stretch of south coastline, the pebbled beaches and the South Downs located a short driving distance away, the natural abundance of nearby wildlife is a fantastic way to make each summer in Brighton and Hove an inspiring, educational one at that.

For the under-fives, enthusiasm is contagious. Their discoveries and understanding of many new sights, smells, creatures, nature and environmental in their closest surroundings make for an extremely exciting time for parents; relentlessly demanding and wonderful in equal measure.

The following activities have been researched and investigated as age appropriate according to reputable educational and well known parental forums. The time we take with our children over the summer will pass so very quickly, and the following activities are merely ideas to get you started. Remember; imagination and children-led play is key to high level intellectual development. The most important thing of all though, is quality time, that will create memories forever.

Recalling the activities your child and parent did together as a wind-down, before bedtime or supper activity is very worthwhile. This improves memory, articulation and general syntax – thus little wonder it has been proven to advance the development of early literacy


Educational, Fun and Imaginative Seasonal Activities


Below we list a few ideas that focus upon outdoor based activities; The natural world, artistic and sports based ideas below could all work outside in the park, the famous Brighton and Hove Beach or even in your family garden!

The imaginative self-discovery elements of these activities are conducive to our combined teaching methods of Montessori, Waldorf and Emilia Reggio, which are all used in our approach at Active Kids Nursery, Hove.

The activities will solidify the developing child’s respect for nature and surrounding environments; both with the enchanting and seemingly endless discovery of flora and fauna local to the Brighton and Hove, and farther afield on our beautiful South Downs and woodland, local parks and place of interest along the West Sussex coastlines.

Disclaimer: At Active Kids Nursery we would recommend that these activities must always be supervised by an adult

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