Active Kids Nursery Hove has a fun and purpose built room for our ‘baby bunnies’

Ofsted….’Children form strong attachments to staff and this helps them feel secure’

Baby Bunnies are cared for in a secure, cosy space that provides a separate room for them to sleep in peace. This room has been specially designed to ensure your young one can explore their environment freely whilst taking part in daily activities that extend interests and stimulate senses. As with all rooms at Active Kids Nursery Hove we carefully plan activities for children in our care that are individual, fun and educational.


Our staff’s priority is to provide a friendly atmosphere for both children and parents.

Play Areas

We ensure that play areas are setup each day to reinforce different areas of the EYFS and promote your child’s development.


All our staff are fully qualified and trained in every aspect of the EYFS.


We draw from a variety of educational teaching styles including The Montessori Approach, The Waldorf Approach and The Reggio Emilia Approach.


When planning our ratios we always ensure that experienced staff members accompany junior ones.


If Children under the age of 6 years are gently encouraged to learn through interesting games, they pick up skills that will help them maintain an edge through their lives.

Classroom Facilities

We find out as much as possible about each child during their settling in sessions and through the ‘All About Me’ form. We also find about their special interests at home or any other activities/group they go to, which gives us more understanding of their interests and home routine.

We can then plan for each child according to their needs. If they usually do a lot of activities at home we try to set up/plan more challenging activities for them when they attend the session.


We also find it important to send home surveys and notes to what we are going to be doing in following weeks.  This way, it keeps parents involved.  And with surveys, it keeps us in the know and also gives parents a chance to voice their views. We ask parents during the settling in sessions if they could bring in some family pictures which we then display on the room dividers for children to see at their level..

Individual Plans

We have shelves in the baby unit marked with names for the ‘sleepers’ at nursery, where their blanket, toy and anything else needed during sleep time is kept. Staff continually talk to each other and converse any new arrangements or continual arrangements made by parents.  This way all members of staff are aware of each individual care plan for the children.

baby playing

Babies’ Daily Feedback

Here at Active Kids we use online daily feedback for all children under 2 years of age. Through the feedback we let you know all about your child’s day at the nursery including food eaten, nappies and activities enjoyed or if we need any fresh supplies for your child. We can also leave a little message about something we need to bring to your attention too.

You will also find a space for yourself to let us know about anything new that your child may accomplished while with you or any activities you have been up to with your child during the weekend.

babies playing

Developmental Reviews

We use ‘Tapestry’ online learning journal for all children, and all children under 2 have a review done each term. However an initial review is done as soon as child has settled in to the nursery routine as this allows us to find a baseline for your child’s development and provide a variety of activities that stimulate their interests.

All activities are planned for incorporating each child’s individual needs. We find these out using a Child’s interest form that parents fill in during the settling in period. After consulting with parents a target for your child’s next steps is agreed and activities are planned by the child’s key person who will support them in reaching the next steps and then moving forward..

baby cooking

Ofsted Graded GOOD