Here at Active Kids Nursery Hove we are really excited to announce we got ourselves a minibus. This is so we are able to take our children out into the local and wider community. We know older children require a vast range of stimulation that a nursery environment can’t always provide.

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Our most recent trip was to Henfield farm, where we went into the Farm shop and got some fresh fruit and vegetables to feed the animals with and take back to the nursery for our lunch. We had a great time looking and exploring all the different kinds of vegetables. We decided the animals would like carrots best and we went to explore which animals on the farm would like them best. We found out the horses loved them but the ducks not so much!

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We had a great time looking around the farm and talking about the animals that were there and noises that they make, we also looked at the types of homes they live in.

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After we went for a woodland mystery tour, walking through the local woods attached to the farm. The children had a great time building a den and looking at the colours of the leaves, we collected some to take back to the nursery to show all our friends. We had fun on a mystery tour and the children enjoyed having the freedom to direct us back to the bus and they did a great job too. We are really looking forward to taking our next trip out.

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